Lines are crossed and erased, even as their traces persist in delimiting how and what we know, how and what we see.
Even if the line is wiped, it will leave traces, or the story of its existence will be remembered.
Posted on September 29, 2020
Daniel von Sturmer
‘The Cin­e­ma Com­plex’ (Sequence 4) 2010 3 minutes 17 seconds
HD video, 9:16, colour, sound
Daniel von Sturmer
‘The Cin­e­ma Com­plex’ (Sequence 1) 2010 2 minutes 33 seconds
HD video, 9:16, colour,silent

In many of von Sturmer's works, The most modest of materials contradict our understanding of physics and challenge our perception of all moving image as' documentary'. But he is no special effects artist: von Sturmer's footage is never manipulated — rather it is the viewer whose perspective must shift.<>
In von Sturmer's videos, materials perform simple acts to convey complex perceptual and philosophical concerns. His artworks are instructional in the sense that they encourage reflexiveness in how we look at things and take stock of the world around us. ——Charlotte Day<>
REFLECTION 1 : With the recommendation of my tutor, I learned about his work. When I first came into contact with his works, most of them were in the form of pictures. In his works, the whole series has an extraordinary calmness .Through a subtle and different observation method, let the viewer have a new viewing experience of the objects that are accustomed to life. . I have a deep memory of his work “the objects in Sequence 4”. He used a pencil to push an A4 paper cuboid until it fell out of the picture. The picture clearly records the subtle movements of the object, which is fascinating.
His works are delicate and contemplative, and the seemingly ordinary perspective contains a deeper discussion of philosophy by the artist behind the work. I kept searching for his information which is quite a few, and prying into the artist's thoughts through these only works. But it is undeniable that I was deeply attracted by his works. 
Posted on September 20, 2020
Daniel von Sturmer
Focus & Field
May 23rd, 2014 – September 9th 2014
“The process is mechanical and should not be tampered with,” Sol LeWitt advises in “Sentences on Conceptual Art.” “It should run its course.”As, indeed, does von Sturmer's line. But just as LeWitt's iconic sentences are unraveled by their author at every turn, as in the confounding opening salvo, “Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists,” so too does von Sturmer's video offer and demand much more than its perfunctory drawn circle demonstration first suggests.    As many of his interlocutors have noted, von Sturmer's work asks us to engage with much larger, and harder, questions regarding perception, truth, knowledge, and reality.    <>
It proposes an adamantly philosophical line of thought regarding what it means to be in the world, where the limits of that being might reside, and how they might be both acknowledged and crossed.          <>

In my previous work, I also used the two elements of projection and circle. The works in the exhibition are repeated constantly, they are more like in a process, endless, endless practice. This also allows me to reflect on the circulating circle symbols in my work. Are they constantly rising? I haven't considered it. This has caused me to think about the concept of "upward" in the traditional concept.

Once I got an idea sometimes,  the difficult thing is how to express them, and I have reached a deadlock. At this point I think of a sentence that Richard Long said:My work has become a simple metaphor of life. figure walking down his road, making his mark. It is an affirmation of my human scale and senses."<,of%20subject%20of%20my%20work.>
As the title of my dossier that way,  it's  about the trace.       
I don't want my work to be my representative, it is part of my essence. But once it is completed, it is an independent existence. 
Making art is my trace.
Related artworks Richard Long's A Line Made for Walking (1967),Yvonne Rainer's Line (1969) and Walter De Maria's Mile Long Drawing (1968).
key words:Conceptualism, Minimalism
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Robert Rauschenberg     'Erased de Kooning Drawing' 1953       <>
The simple, gilded frame and understated inscription are integral parts of the finished artwork, offering the sole indication of the psychologically loaded act central to its creation.
Without the inscription, we would have no idea what is in the frame; the piece would be indecipherable.

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"To live is to leave traces"
Walter Benjamin
Am I looking at art or archaeology?
These are not works where the ‘meaning’ of the work offers itself up to be easily read. They are generated from the impulse to make a mark, ritualize this process through repeating that mark, to the point where the mark making achieves the ambition of a resonant artwork: a successfully incompetent sign. 

Kishio Suga
Suga made works on paper with more frequency at the beginning of his career.
his diverse practice includes assemblages and works on paper, which serve as concise examinations of the reality of mono .Similarly, in his performances, which he refers to as “Activations,” the artist gradually builds up a framework of material and spatial relationships only then to deconstruct it.
What is the trace
Why do we pursue
What's left in the end
Gerhard-Richter.    Vermalung (braun)
in relation to the swirling brushstroke and its ambiguity as a trace of emotion or expression
He is an artist I admire very much, but I didn't know this early work of him before. When you unexpectedly have something in common with the artist you admire. There is a wonderful feeling, it is both pleasure and touch.  I have also found that several artists I like, admire and inspire each other. seems to be a connection guiding me.
Martin Creed – Work No. 247. Half the air in a given space, 2000, Museo de Arte Contemporanea de Vigo, 2011
visitors become a part of the art by walking through the balloon filled room.
'the separation of the author and the audience is artificial.The world isn't like that.We're all mixed up.'
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