<The Lines> 1   3' 42'

In real life,some of the limitations are often invisible.Even more terrifying is that we are used to it.In my series of line works, I mainly focus on the concept of the line. Try to break some of "limitations”of myself and maintain “balance”.

<The Lines>2     1' 42'
The second video work is l walked along all the straight lines on the path to the supermarket,which l am very familiar with. In the process, l was sometimes pacing and sometimes running result of the urge of traffic lights on a sturdy and stable human-made road.As more and more things are bought, Carrying this canvas bag makes me keep balance more difficult.The camera was recording my steps as an outsider or peeper.

reproduced screenshot

<The Lines>3 lmage
The picture on the right is my conversion of the first video into a picture. At this stage I am fascinated with
Bruce Nauman,in his latest exhibition Disappearing Acts about the variable experience of time,space, movement and language.
So l overlapped the pictures,with my feet as the main characters.Connect the screenshots in the video into a
new line.

<The Lines>4 lmage
this work is people crossing the road then I take video from the street to secretly.On the sidewalk, people at different times are connected by lines on the road.Finally,I copied the people's feet in the video to form a new image.
Through this series of practice,l realized that the line can be a constraint for me,and it can also be an infinite extension. It links my theme for this semester together and is a trace of my artistic thoughts.This also requires me to accumulate a lot of practice.Due to various restrictions this semester,my progress has been slow. I should find a more effective outlet to better adapt to the current situation.
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